Why You Need A Folio Box


It is no secret that I love printed artwork, but when it comes to displaying your own photos it can be difficult to decide how you want to enjoy them! In my own home I love to frame my favorite prints to hang on the wall and to print an annual album to tell the story of my family. This year I think a folio box may be there perfect option to gives me the best of both worlds.. If you have considered printing a family album, consider the folio box a step above. Read on to learn why you need a folio box.

Hand opening folio box and showing matted print inside.

What is a folio box?

What is a folio box anyway? I like to think of it as the perfect marriage between an album and framed prints. A folio box is an heirloom quality (fully customizable) box which holds up to 30 12x12in. matted prints from your session that are ready to put into frames. These matted prints also allow you to mix and match print sizes and orientations for added variety in printing. Prints are matted and backed with museum grade, acid and lignin free RagMat 4ply matboard. I want only the best materials for your prints. Folio boxes come in a large variety of colors and materials with limitless customization options.

Close up image of sweet family on beach in a matted print inside of folio box.

Who is a folio box for?

Folio boxes are the most versatile way to display your photos because they offer you options to hang your prints on your wall, display them on your coffee table, or even share them with others. Also, if you are currently short of wall space, or want the flexibility to frequently switch out the images you display on your walls, the folio box provides you a safe and beautiful place to store your prints that are not currently being displayed. It is also a wonderful option if you would like to share matted prints with grandparents, or your children as they grow older. Folio boxes can grow with you as you add prints to them through multiple sessions.

Three images showing details of gold embossing on folio box, full folio box, and matted prints inside of folio box.
Matted print images of family walking on beach next to folio box.

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