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Hi there, I'm Laurel, owner of Laurel Smith Photography. 

I am a mother to three spirited littles under 4 years old and wife to my best friend. I love being a mother and wife. It truly gives meaning to my everyday, and inspires me to seek the joy in the simple things. I have a degree in finance (I have an unusual love for a good spreadsheet!) and feel that I have found my perfect fit in a career that requires both an analytical and creative mindset.

I believe that your environment has a profound impact on how you feel and treat others. I keep a fresh plant in every room, and always have a candle burning. I consult my planner multiple times a day and love that it's olive-green linen cover fits seamlessly into my decor. Recording memories is a priority in our home and our family photo albums are flipped through almost daily! My children cannot get enough of looking back at our family memories. Childhood is fleeting, and a physical reminder of our most important moments is a priceless addition to our home.






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I feel so blessed to have found my passion in photography. I am in love with the fact that I can witness a moment of simple beauty and emotion and sculpt it into a timeless work of art.
Family is of utmost importance to me. Following that, I also value simplicity, intentionality, authenticity, and the unhindered beauty in the details. I love working with clients who are passionate about their story, who like to try new things, and love to make memories of the simple moments spent with their most important people.

I'm sure you have heard that hiring a professional photographer is an investment. However, that is only half the story. I want to invest in you, as well! When planning your session we will discuss the aspects of your relationships that you want to preserve forever, and you can leave it to me to make it happen.

Having three children of my own, I know that capturing their fleeting childhood is difficult. What is even more difficult is getting in the frame yourself. Timeless images including the entire family that truly capture the essence of you - that is what I bring to the table.

I have a mild obsession with curating a beautiful yet functional home. I constantly daydream of how I can rearrange, redecorate, or reorganize my home and with three little ones underfoot my home. Updates are coming in a slow and steady manner.


I am an aspiring morning person. Before having children I was an actual morning person and still think of myself that way. I get my best work done early in the morning and (literally) dream of the day that I will be able to sleep through the night and not have any more excuses to sleep as long as I possibly can.


I love lists and organizing my life on paper. During my college days I developed a love for Excel and now use it for anything that requires more effort than my day-to-day scheduling. I even planned my wedding in Excel!


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