Moving To The Bay Area


After finding fast friends and a home we loved in MI, it was a difficult decision to uproot our family to move across the country. With all of that said, I know in my gut that moving to the bay area was the next right step for our family and I am so happy to call California our new home.

Our family playing together around the piano before we packed our home to move to the Bay Area.

Before our move, I knew that we had to document our time in Michigan with an in-home photo session with Lumi Photography. She and Rebecca Dexter Visuals captured our family in our element in a way that I will treasure forever. I cannot wait to print these images to hang on our walls in our new home!

Smith family cuddling together before moving to California.

I will always remember Michigan as the place where we brought our babies home and where I learned how to be a Mom. Now that they are growing older I am so excited to see where this new chapter leads us. Since arriving in the Bay Area, I have been so surprised by how friendly our new friends and neighbors have been. There is so much beauty all around. I feel inspired with every turn!

Playing on the stairs and in the bedrooms before moving to our house in the San Francisco area.

Living in California we have the chance to see extended family more frequently and spend more time outdoors! We love hiking, biking, and spending time at the beach. There is something out being in the mountains and at the ocean which is so grounding. I love that in these places I feel like I can fully exhale.

Our move was not without its obstacles. We were without our household goods for over a month! At times during the transition it felt like we were being tested at every turn. But even after those trials in moving to the bay area, I am so excited for the opportunities ahead!

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