5 Tips to Make Your Family Session Go Better


Capturing your little ones during all stages of life helps to keep those memories alive long after they’ve grown up. However, actually getting those kids to cooperate so the whole family can enjoy the photo session experience can be quite a challenge. I’ve discovered the best five tips you can do to help your family have an enjoyable photoshoot day!

  1. Catch Some Zzz’s
    Kickstart your great day by getting a good night’s rest the evening before your session. Getting plenty of sleep will help everyone enjoy the next day, plus parents deserve some extra beauty sleep! On the day of your session, try to get your littles to nap right before your session so they have a chance to recharge.

2. Start Getting Ready Early
Get going on your preparations early, and definitely earlier than you think you’ll need to. There’s bound to be things that come up as you’re getting ready – from lost clothing items to meltdowns to random life incidents, these things happen. Starting early gives you extra buffer time to tackle things as they come. 

3. Stock Up on Snacks
It’s important to come fed and happy to the shoot, but snacks can be a great motivator for kids to look forward to after pictures are done or for an extra boost of energy to get everyone through the photo session in one piece. If you do decide to bring snacks during your session, look for snacks that are simple, clean, and won’t require a lot of chewing or cleanup during the session; smarties, marshmallows, and pretzels are just a few ideas.

4. Don’t Stress During the Shoot
Photographers are well-acquainted to working with kids and catching those gems amidst the chaos, so try not to stress too much during your photo session. If kids aren’t looking at the camera, try to get their attention on a sibling or onto you. Some of the best family pictures are the ones where the family members are interacting with each other in a fun and natural way, rather than with posed, cheesy smiles. 

5. Choose Your Clothing Carefully
Yes, you want your family to be well-coordinated and adorably dressed, but you also want them to feel comfortable for many reasons. First, comfort translates into body posture and facial expressions. When you’re comfortable, you look relaxed and happier. Secondly, photo sessions go much faster when we don’t have to pause frequently for wardrobe adjustments. Look for your style of clothing in pieces your family can move in and will feel comfortable for the session. Then, hop into a pair of pajamas for the ride home!

These pictures of your family will be treasures you will love for years to come, and I hope these five tips will help you also enjoy the actual photo session experience with your sweet family as well!

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