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Are you looking for a Dublin family photographer? Keep reading to learn the 4 things you should consider in your search! When you are making the investment to document your story it is important to consider who you are choosing to make sure that they are the best fit for your family!

Pregnant Mom posing for maternity photograph with Dublin Family Photographer Laurel Smith Photography in Dublin California.


The first thing you notice when looking at a photographer’s portfolio is their overall style. What are you drawn to? Is it bold, bright colors? Authentic connection between family members? Etherial images? Every photographer brings a unique skill set and style to your session. Choose a photographer who’s style you would love to see hanging on your walls.


Who will help you with your clothing? Do you prefer a photographer who will make recommendations, help you shop online, provide clothing for your family, or be hands off completely? If you don’t know what to wear for photos your photographer can be a great resource to help you find options that are flattering, will photograph well, and will coordinate well among family members. If you are working with a photographer who does not provide a client wardrobe you can check out my favorite gowns for photo sessions here. Or you can check out one of my favorite sites here.


What did you do with the images from your last professional photo session? Have you gotten the real value that you invested in them? Your family photos can have a profound impact on your family if you let them be a reminder of how beautiful the connections between your family members are. Also, think about how you would like to enjoy your photos. You may want to frame them on your walls so that your little ones can point themselves out when you walk by. You may want to print them in an album that you can flip through together on a slow Sunday afternoon, or you may want a combination of both with a folio box. A folio box is one of my favorite products because it is the perfect blend between an heirloom album and a framed print. You can read all about folio boxes here: Why You Need A Folio Box


Overall, how does a photographer make you feel when you visit their website & correspond with them? Are they excited to work with you? Are they prompt in their responses? And are they professional? Do you trust them to be consistent in what they create so that your images will be just as wonderful as what you see on their website? Do they have experience & expertise in their chosen niche?

After you have chosen the perfect Dublin family photographer it is time to start preparing for your session! Get my top 5 tips for preparing for your session here.

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