Half Moon Bay At Dusk


Kids running along Half Moon Bay at dusk

These three LOVE the beach. Since our move to the San Francisco Bay Area we have been taking every opportunity to visit the ocean. Even in the foggy weather, they loved it as much as they do in the sun.

Children chasing waves at half moon bay.

This weekend I was hoping to take some photos of my little ones playing on the beach with the warm glow of the setting sun painting the scene a soft orange. When we arrived we found the fog rolling in and instead were given a blue/grey beach at Half Moon Bay At Dusk. At first I was upset that things were not going as planned, but I was pleasantly surprised with how the weather seemed to not affect my kids at all. They loved playing on the beach and running from the waves as much as they do in beautiful weather!

Next time we visit I hope to explore more of Half Moon Bay! I am looking at activities listed here. If you have any restaurant or shopping recommendations let me know!

Three kids at half moon bay at sunset.

We loved our visit to Half Moon Bay at Dusk. For more San Francisco and Bay Area content, check out the links below!

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