6 Reasons to Invest in Maternity Photos


One of the most special times in your life is when you are experiencing pregnancy. There is nothing more remarkable than a woman’s ability to create life. This incredible accomplishment is nothing short of a miracle and should be captured forever. I think it is an absolute must to have maternity portraits taken of you while you are pregnant. Here are 6 reasons why I think you should absolutely invest in maternity photos.

1. To Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an absolute miracle. You are growing and creating a life inside you and that deserves to be celebrated! I think maternity photo sessions are the perfect way to do that. Let’s capture you and your growing little one to show yourself and the world that you are so proud and happy to be carrying this beautiful little one of yours.

2. To Capture Your Joy + Beauty

What a happy + beautiful time of life! Pregnancy brings so much joy and I want to capture that for you. Give yourself a priceless memory of looking back on your pregnancy and being able to see the joy you radiated and glow everyone is always saying you have. Maternity shoot also give you the opportunity to see how truly beautiful you are and see yourself the way others see you. You will never want to forget how much happiness + beauty this pregnancy brought you.

3. To Freeze a Moment in Time

This is what photography really is all about–freezing a moment in time. This is such a gift at any stage in life, but particularly during pregnancy. Photographs are the ultimate gift as they have the ability to make time stand still so you can relieve the most special moments in your life. Maternity photoshoots will give you those moments in time so you will always be able to look back at yourself and your growing little one and have the fondest memories.

4. To Bond With Your Partner

While photographing just the mother and her gorgeous belly are always beautiful, my favorite moments during maternity sessions are with the mother and father together. Those intimate moments together where the two are of you are celebrating your little one together is truly beautiful. This is undoubtedly a chance for you and your partner to bond as you take the time to appreciate what you have created together.

5. To Create Heirlooms for Your Baby

These maternity photographs are going to mean as much to that little one growing inside of you as they do to you. Give your future little one the opportunity to see what their mother looked like carrying them in her beautiful belly. Let them see how beautiful you are and how much you already loved them before you two even met. Let them enjoy how happy their parents were to have this new little one in their life and let them feel their parent’s excitement and anticipation for them to arrive. This is one of the greatest gifts and memories you can give to your unborn little one.

These are some of the many reasons every mother should invest in maternity photos. Maternity photoshoots are one of my favorite types of photoshoots to do and I pride myself in being able to beautifully capture you, your husband, and the love you have for your future little one. This is one of the happiest and quickly fleeting moments in your life, so don’t let this incredible moment slip by without capturing it forever.

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