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An easy way to help build your child's self-esteem that anyone can do by Laurel Smith Photography in Metro-Detroit. how to build your children self esteem printing family pictures benefits of family portraits how to help a sad child how to increase childs self esteem best parenting practices #portraitsessions #parentingtips #bestparentpractices #metrodetroitphotographer #detroitfamilyphotographer #detroitmaternityphotographer #detroitnewbornphotographer

Having portraits done of your children and then printing those photographs and displaying them has actually proven to enhance their confidence. Studies have shown that children’s self-esteem is significantly increased when exposed to self-portraits photographs.


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Portrait sessions are so much more than photographs you will hang on your gallery wall. Portrait sessions are the opportunity to make time stand still and capture the most precious moments in your life with the most special people in your life. This ability to stop ever-moving time for just a moment to memorialize the […]