10 Rules for a Successful Portrait Session


Portrait sessions are so much more than photographs you will hang on your gallery wall. Portrait sessions are the opportunity to make time stand still and capture the most precious moments in your life with the most special people in your life. This ability to stop ever-moving time for just a moment to memorialize the most special moments of your life is priceless. This is why it is essential you follow these 10 rules to prepare for a successful portrait session.

Find the right photographer that shares your style. Take the time to find a photographer that will capture your family in the most meaningful way to you. This also means investing in the right photographer and not letting a price tag decide who will capture these precious moments for you.

Give yourself permission to relax. Portrait sessions have a reputation for being stressful, but with the right photographer, they shouldn’t be. It’s my job as the photographer to ensure the session goes well and that beautiful photos are produced. Let me do the worrying and you do the smiling!

Connection is everything and physical connection is essential for a portrait session. Don’t be afraid to get close, fill those empty spaces, and show intimacy between you and your loved ones. It will make your photos authentic and beautiful in a way nothing else can!

Don’t worry about everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. I will catch both the traditional posed images, as well as those candid moments. I am particularly talented at catching the in-between moments, which usually turn out to be the most special!

Be genuine, even if that means taking your time, especially with little ones. Don’t be worried about keeping their hair perfect or stopping them from being silly. Let your family be who you are so I can capture those precious, real memories.

Wear something that makes you feel both confident and beautiful. Neutral and muted colors will allow you to become the focus of your images. Dresses that move are especially flattering on mamas and clothes with texture (linen, lace, knits) photograph especially well.

Trust my direction and prompts, even if it feels slightly out of the ordinary. When I ask you to lean towards the camera, bring your chin toward me, shift your weight, or bend your limbs, it’s because I know what the most flattering poses and I am helping you look your very best.

Schedule your outdoor session within two hours of sunset or sunrise or your studio session for mid-morning. These times of day will give you optimal lighting for gorgeous photos.

Hire a professional to do your hair and makeup. I promise you will not regret looking your most gorgeous ever for your portrait session!

Find a photographer that understands the value of prints, not just digitals. Those prints are what will showcase your most precious memories, meaning you should choose a photographer that offers to print them professionally so your memories look perfect forever!

Follow these 10 tips to ensure you have the stress-free, successful portrait session of your dreams! Most importantly, remember that it’s the photographer’s job to make sure your session is a success, not yours. All you need to do is make sure you look and feel your best and let me do the rest!

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