Pregnancy is a major life event and choosing the right person to help with your pregnancy can make all of the difference. There are many decisions you will need to make in order to get ready for having a baby. One of these is choosing the right kind of people that can care for both mom and her newborn throughout labor and after birth.

You may not realize how important it is until deep into your own pregnancy, but once you are there, things change quickly-and what becomes most essential about any midwife or doctor assisting with childbirth isn’t their level of experience; rather whether they’re capable enough when unexpected surprises come up during delivery! As such, it pays to do some research before hiring someone for this special time in your life or deciding which birthing center may suit your needs best. I did my research and came up with a list of 3 top-rated midwives that are excellent at what they do – take a look below!

Expectant mother posing in Ann Arbor field during photo session with Laurel Smith Photography after discussing top-rated midwives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Emily Bousamra, CNM

If you are looking for a top-rated midwife in Ann Arbor, Michigan, look no further than Emily Bousamra, CNM  of IHA Nurse Midwives Domino’s Farms! She absolutely loves to see the excitement on her patients’ faces when they realize that their baby is about to come into this world. It’s a beautiful process and she wants it to be one of your most cherished memories! She considers herself as an integral part in making sure you experience nothing but love, patience, understanding & support throughout every step of pregnancy. From childbirth all the way through breastfeeding. As one of Ann Arbor’s top midwives, she has years upon years’ worth of professional training under her belt which ensures only quality care for expectant mothers like yourself who are looking for someone trustworthy with extensive knowledge surrounding birth processes during such a significant milestone in life.

Amanda Howell, LM, CPM

Amanda Howell, LM, CPM, of New Moon Midwifery is not only one of the top-rated midwives in Ann Arbor, Michigan but also an excellent person to look up to and speak with if you are looking for a caring individual. Dr. Howell makes sure that all her clients have had great experiences throughout their pregnancy from beginning to end. Which has been proven through many testimonials! She is very thorough and will make your experience feel like home every step along the way! And will ensure that your birthing experience is one of the most memorable moments in your life. She considers herself as a partner throughout the whole process. She strives to maintain this relationship through birth delivery postnatal care, as well as breastfeeding. You could say she’s simply one of Ann Arbor’s best midwives!

Samia Abdelnabi, CNM

Samia Abdelnabi, CNM of IHA Nurse Midwives Domino’s Farms is one of the best midwives in all of Ann Arbor, Michigan. After experiencing many births, Dr. Abdelnabi is still as passionate about helping new mothers take that important step in their lives! She has a very unique perspective on the process. She finds it to be one of her most rewarding jobs ever. Her passion for childbirth shines through with every woman she meets- from start to delivery, postnatal care, breastfeeding assistance…No matter where you are during your pregnancy journey or what stage you’re at right now; if you choose her services as your midwife then expect nothing less than an excellent experience because she’s just great!

There you have it – top-rated midwives in Ann Arbor, Michigan! After all the hard work leading up to your baby’s birth, it is important that you find a midwife who will be there for you every step of the way. If you’re looking for an expert who has been through it all to help guide you through pregnancy, then these Ann Arbor midwives are some of the best options around!

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