The Top 3 Toy Stores in Detroit Michigan


Going shopping for new toys is so fun for both your children and you – seeing what they like and don’t like is always so interesting as a parent. Each of your kids is different in what they like to play with. These Detroit toy stores have something for all of your kids! Whether they want a new art book or the newest toy robot, these stores have it! These are the top 3 toy stores in Detroit, MI and we hope you get a chance to check them out!

The top 3 toy stores in Detroit, MI:

Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy

If you’re looking for a toy store that has something for every age, this is it! With thousands of toy choices to choose from, your children are sure to find their new favorite toy once they walk in these doors. With toys ranging from model trains to rare collectibles, this toy store has everything. The cool thing about this store is that they sell items that are beyond toys, such as charm bracelets, adorable children’s purses, keychains, books, and more. If you want a store that’s going to be one-and-done for your children, this is the option for you. Shop everything they want and need all in one convenient location!

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Toyology Toys

This Detroit toy store has a huge selection of toys for kids of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a blanket for your newborn or an interactive train set for your 5-year-old, this store has it! This toy store has so many different categories you can shop from and thousands of options in each. If you are looking for new walkie-talkies for your children or you want the newest board game, you’ll be able to find it here. The best part about this Detroit toy store is their pricing. They have everything the chain toy stores have and at affordable prices all parents will love. Another reason we love this toy store is that they don’t just focus on fun games and toys. They encourage learning and they offer so many different interactive, educational games to help your little ones learn while they play!

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Genuine Toy Co

If you’re looking for a smaller toy store in Detroit that still has a wide variety of options, this is the one for you! While this store is much smaller in size, they still offer a great selection of toys ranging from stuffed animals to dollhouses and board games. This toy store has a lot of cool and unique toys for your children to choose from, and they have the cult classics. Lincoln logs, plush stuffed animals, and outdoor games for the summer. This toy store is one of the best in the Detroit area, and the owners of this store are amazing! They have a true passion for selecting the best toys and selling them for great prices. So this is definitely one to check out! 

There you have it – the top 3 toy stores in Detroit, MI! These toy stores are the best of the best in the area, and any kid (and parent) who walks through the doors of these stores are sure to be leaving with a smile, and a new favorite toy or game!

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