The 3 Best Midwives in Detroit Michigan


Whether you are expecting your first kid or your third kid, having a midwife by your side is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby. They help you through your labor, delivery, and postpartum experience. They also are a great support system to have. If you’ve never had a midwife during pregnancy, you are missing out! They give you advice, they help prepare you for what’s to come, and they are there for your delivery wherever you chose to have it – whether it be at a hospital, a birthing center, or home birth. Learn about the 3 best midwives in Detroit, Michigan.

But, in order for your midwife experience to be unforgettable, you want to take some time and pick the midwife that’s best for you. I did some research on the best midwives for expectant mothers in the Detroit area. Here’s what I came up with…

Expectant mother in Belle Isle Detroit during photo session with Laurel Smith Photography after discussing the 3 best midwives in Detroit, Michigan.

The 3 best midwives for expectant mothers in Detroit, MI:

Nine Short Months Doula & Midwifery Service

When it comes to choosing the right midwife for you and your family, you want someone that has you and your babies’ best interest in mind – this place is known for that. This midwifery service prides itself on giving each of its clients nothing but the best care and tailoring to each person’s specific needs. They welcome you in with open arms, and they are always there to answer any questions you may have – no matter what time of day you ask. They are truly one of the best options in the Detroit area!

It’s Your Birth Midwifery Services

The owner of this midwifery service is Jenny Zaner, and she is one of the best midwives in the area. Her along with her entire team of midwives and doulas are all extremely passionate about guiding you through your pregnancy at all stages. She makes sure you have all the support, resources, and tools you need to have the best birthing experience ever. No matter what kind of birthing experience you are looking to have, this team does it all! 

MI Midwife

If you’re looking for a midwife who is going to treat you, your family, and your baby like family, Tasha Scott at MI Midwife is the one for you! She is known for giving every single patient of hers nothing but the highest quality of care. She truly cares about making your pregnancy, labor, and delivery unforgettable and special. Whether you are having a home birth, or you feel more comfortable in a hospital setting, Tasha will be right by your side guiding and supporting you throughout this special time in your life. 

Giving birth to human life is one of the most magical and special times in your life. Make it even more magical with any of these midwifery services. They all make the entire process easier. They also provide you with all the support you could ever need! Starting from the first moment you find out you are pregnant up to postpartum support, these midwifery services will be there for your every step of the way! Thanks for reading about the 3 best midwives in Detroit, Michigan!

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