3 Brentwood Pediatricians to Help Your Child Flourish and Grow With Care


Keeping our babies healthy, growing and thriving is always a priority. As parents, we want our little ones to grow into strong, healthy, and intelligent children. That means keeping track of their health, milestones, and growth with the help of their pediatrician. Choosing the right pediatrician for your little one is an important matter. This doctor will be a part of your family as they are likely to be the ones to see them throughout their childhood and as they become young adults. When choosing a pediatrician, you entrust them with your child’s well-being. So you no doubt want a great Doctor and staff to work alongside you for the benefit of your little one. Luckily there are some truly exceptional Brentwood Pediatricians to turn to. 

Three Brentwood Pediatricians Who Care For All The Little Ones

Bayside Medical Group

Located at 100 Cortona Way, Suite 230, Brentwood 94513, Bayside Medical Group has a well-earned reputation of excellence. Their Physicians and specially trained medical staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality and individualized general pediatric care for children from birth to their late teens. Above all, their pediatricians are compassionate about all aspects of your child’s health. Your child deserves complete care for physical, emotional, or social health. So this Brentwood pediatrician focuses on providing wellness exams, sick visits, and Telehealth virtual visits. They want to ensure your children are fully covered in any situation. So you can feel confident in them being kids.

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Diablo Valley Pediatrics

Serving Bay area families since 1966 with personalized care. They aim to help children to grow and live long, healthy lives. Their experienced and educated Physicians and staff know there is no one size fits all approach or cure. But work hard to address all questions and concerns you may have. Their pediatric services at 2299 Bacon St. #7, Concord 94520, don’t stop at wellness and acute illness visits. They do their best to care for all common non-emergency concerns. Beyond traditional pediatric care, this Brentwood pediatrician also provides treatment for ADD/ADHD, various types of counseling (Patient/Family), and many other outpatient procedures. They strive to be the one-stop shop for your Brentwood children. 

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Brentwood Pediatrics

Their experienced and compassionate pediatricians, located at 2400 Balfour Road #229, Brentwood 94513, work diligently to provide comprehensive and personalized care for each newborn through early adulthood. As leaders of health care in the San Francisco Bay area, each physician and medical staff work side by side to ensure quality care with every visit. Whether it’s in person or via video visits. They want each patient and their families to thrive in wellness with every service. 

One of the clients’ favorite services at Brentwood pediatrics is the after-hours pediatric advice nurse. If you call them at any time, then you will get a pediatric nurse who can help you with any questions or concerns. This could be anything from a runny nose to emergency room questions. They are there to serve you and your precious little ones. 

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Brentwood Pediatricians

Selecting the right pediatrician for your child is like choosing part of your village to help you raise and care for them. Brentwood Pediatricians, just like you, want to see your child flourish and grow into the exceptional individual they are meant to be, with nurturing care along the way.  

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