3 Best Toy Stores in Ann Arbor


Buying toys for kids is not a walk in the park, given the numerous toy stores available in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kids love to learn. At a very tender age, they are already inquisitive about the world around them. It is important for parents to provide toys that can help develop their motor skills as well as their mental and cultural growth.  There are plenty of toy stores in Ann Arbor, Michigan that cater to different age groups, so choosing a store should not be too difficult. I did some research and put together a list of 3 best toy stores in Ann Arbor, Michigan to make your little ones happy. Take a peek below!

Mom dancing with daughter in Ann Arbor field during photo shoot with Laurel Smith Photography after shopping at the 3 best toy stores in Ann Arbor, Michigan.



When it comes to great toys for kids, Mudpuddles has you covered. They have a huge selection of fun and creative toys that your little one will love; like beach bucket sets and spelling puzzles–the list goes on! Mudpuddles is a specialty toy store that specializes in innovative, creative toys for all ages. Jan and Sharon, the owners of Mudpuddles make sure to play with every product before it goes into the shop so they know what kids will love! If you are looking for a top-rated toy store in Ann Arbor, Michigan, make sure to check out Mudpuddles because there is truly no limit to what you can find there. 


Robot Supply Co., located in Ann Arbor, Michigan is a toy store like none other… It is the perfect place for robot junkies and fans of sci‐fi. Robot Supply Co has all the supplies you need for building robots and cool projects. They are also selling amazing books that have been written by kids. The best part is Robot Supply Co. is an establishment with a mission. All sales of robot kits, apparel, and books support free writing programs for students aged 6-8. Robot Supply Co. is definitely one of the best and most unique toy stores in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For instance, if you want to get something cool and unique for your little one in Ann Arbor, Michigan and support this great initiative, Robot Supply Co. is definitely worth checking out!


Prism Playgoods strives to offer a wide selection of toys for all ages and needs. From wooden treehouse blocks to adorable soft toys, Prism Playgoods offers something that will appeal both to the kids as well as their parents. Every child has a different imagination and every item at the Prism Playgoods is designed to foster imaginative play for all ages. From plush toys, dolls, games, costumes, or arts supplies; this store will make any little one feel like they are living out their wildest fantasies! If you are looking for a top-rated toy store in Ann Arbor, Michigan that can also help you develop your kids’ imagination, creativity, and mental capability, you should definitely add Prism Playgoods to your list! 

3 Best Toy Stores In Ann Arbor

There you have it – the best toy stores in Ann Arbor, Michigan! These toy stores have all been recommended for being the best, creative and offering the most selection. If you ever happen to visit Ann Arbor, Michigan, make sure you check out these cool toy stores to make your little ones happy! 

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