3 Best Midwives In Detroit, Michigan


Choosing the right midwives to care for you and your baby is one of the most important decisions you will make as a mother. It is not usually until you are deep into labor that you realize how important it is to have the right kind of people in the room with you. Personally I cannot imagine experiencing labor without a midwife by my side and I have compiled a list of the 3 Best Midwives in Detroit, Michigan for you!

Soon, though, your priorities change and what feels most important about your midwives is whether or not they will be well-trained and experienced enough to handle whatever surprises may arise during labor. This will be your partner in ensuring that you have a safe and comfortable birth and is the person most likely to be there when you are pushing. Having the right midwives for your birth can make all of the difference, so it pays to do your homework before hiring a midwife or deciding which birthing center may suit your needs. I have done the research and put together a list of 3 top-rated midwives in Detroit, Michigan.

Pregnant mom at the Detroit Institute of Art posing during photo shoot with Laurel Smith Photography after discussing the 3 best midwives in Detroit, Michigan.

3 Best Midwives in Detroit, Michigan

Elikem E Amable, CNM

If you are looking for one of the top-rated midwives in Detroit, Michigan, look no further! Elikem E Amableis, CNM of Henry Ford Medical Group is one of the best midwives in all of Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Amable is one of the most passionate and compassionate midwives in Detroit, Michigan. She makes sure that all of her clients have a great experience throughout their pregnancy, from beginning to end. Elikem is very thorough and makes sure you have a great experience with her. She will assist you in the birthing process, and make sure it is one of the most beautiful memories in your life. Elikem considers herself as a partner throughout the whole pregnancy, and strives to maintain that relationship during birth, delivery, postnatal care, as well as breastfeeding. She is simply one of the best midwives in Detroit, Michigan!

Nicole Marie White

Nicole Marie White of BirthMidwifery is a midwife and an organizer with an experience of over 15 years in Detroit, Michigan. She is incredibly knowledgeable and knows how to take care of any instances during the pregnancy. It is important for her to find out exactly what kind of experience each client is looking for, so she asks a lot of questions regarding their comfort and makes sure that she knows exactly what they are looking for. She also makes it a point to learn about the specifics of each client, so she can make sure that there is not an issue that could come up during pregnancy or labor and delivery. Nicole is definitely one of the most experienced and best midwives in all of Detroit, Michigan!

Jessica S Fladger, CNM

If you are looking for an amazing midwife in Detroit, Michigan, who will take care of your every need during your pregnancy, look no further than Jessica S. Fladger, CNM of Henry Ford Medical Group! She makes sure that every single one of her clients is completely comfortable and happy with how they are being taken care of. One of the things that she is most passionate about is making sure future mothers know what awaits them once they have their baby. She will take care of you throughout your entire pregnancy and also help you plan for labor when it comes time to give birth. Dr. Fladger is one of the top midwives in Detroit, so if you are looking for an amazing midwife who will take care of you and your baby, then consider working with her throughout your pregnancy in Detroit.

There you have it – top-rated midwives in Detroit, Michigan! All of these midwives will help you through it all and make your pregnancy experience a great one. 

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